Buyers to Suppliers

Ochre, a B2B Media Resource Centre brings together buyers and suppliers/sellers to buoy in the trade of essential elements of industrial manufacturing. Ochre connects global companies that explore opportunities in ‘manufacturing’ as buyers and suppliers.Working with diverse industry sectors across the globe, Ochre has developed a comprehensive database of buyers and suppliers initiating a more meaningful engagement for enhancing business productivity. Ochre simplifies the process of finding the right brands and products, given the custom demands of manufacturing and the diverse trends of progress with respect to the industries we deal with.

Ochre has created a hub for the purchasing departments of global enterprises. This allows buyers to gain access to suppliers worldwide helping to collaborate in one place, Internet’s most powerful ‘one-stop-shop’ Ochre powers supplier-buyer network to improve business relationships by streamlining procurement operations for organisations.

Your brand heard and seen

What does it take to analyse the buying behaviour, or galvanise purchasing power in the journey of decision making? It takes commitment to clear off unwanted noise! We are here to create space for the business fraternity by the way of digital media under the umbrella of internet. In doing so, Ochre’s efforts are to minimise noise and interruption/deviation by delivering useful content for the buyers and suppliers at a time when they need it most. It is a challenging task for the businesses today, to select, because of the huge choice of technology and online digital services available for marketing.

Ochre harnesses digital marketing to transform the way a business performs by integrating development pathways and new opportunities. We develop Multichannel digital distribution strategies which generate original but practical insights for clients from digital sources. Ochre Team is committed to work in a brilliant tech ambience to maximise brand reach with a clear message about the product in an appealing style intended to target conversion rates.

Our Services

We build your online presence

Ochre brings you the latest happenings, technological advancements, and global developments specific to different industries. Our customers are enticed with our systematic research and dynamic content creation. Zeroing in on economically viable solutions, Ochre serves to narrow down the search saving time. We thrive to be a one-stop source for industry specific information setting cardinal rules for business growth & metrics. Companies engage with each other via search, online communities, social media, and web-based videos for sharing the knowledge and delivering their message.

Ochre makes Business Communications active and interesting as we deal with the information that influences the key decision makers of 11 industry sectors. Ochre is a trendsetter corporate that publishes latest industry news/press releases, information about trade shows or events, detailed white papers, business articles on industrial issues, industrial investments and manufacturing projects, financial reports, interviews from industry experts.

Global Magazines

In spite of the surge in the internet related business activities, print still remains a powerful component of ad campaigns because of its sense of legitimacy. Ochre publishes bi-annual print magazines focusing on Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industries working closely with key decision makers. Asian Healthcare & Hospitals Management and Pharma Focus Asia are informative print magazines that influence the industry developments for deriving maximum value. We help professionals and industrialists capitalise on the opportunities presented by the demanding industrial needs. The magazines are a mosaic of Research, Technology, Business, Manufacturing and the Economics of Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Circulated Globally, the magazines have earned a remarkable reputation across the globe. A long standing leader in B2B print business, we are a business-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about: HealthCare Management, Medical Sciences, Surgical Specialty, Diagnostics, Medical Devices and Equipment, Technology, Facilities Operations, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Clinical Trials, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.