Sponsored Webinars Series

Sponsored Webinar Series for B2B Manufacturers

A series of webinars concentrated on a specialized theme or group of topics targeting a highly specialized audience.

B2B marketers can showcase their ideas, products, or services and also get the opportunity to witness emerging technologies, innovations, and latest products from their contemporaries. They could use this webinar series to launch new products, or services or to penetrate the market with a revised product by simply reaching out to a class of highly targeted prospects spread in their region of interest.

A webinar series helps B2B marketers to share information about their products, services, interact live with clients and potential customers. Our fully customizable webinar series solution can be used for customer training, educating potential buyers on new launches, developments, products, or other events. Ochre Media has the expertise and will you in reaching your niche targeted audience and accounts who will be your attendees and generate highly qualified leads.

ROI Program

Spread within a week or several weeks, a webinar series lets the B2B marketers get close to their audiences, assess their requirements, and prepare a viable solution for them.

Media Pack
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