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Cover Story Promotions – Effective & Efficient Branding with Authority Marketing Benefits

Grab the center stage in our print media publications, get attention from the most relevant b2b audience and augment your brand equity.

Cover story as the name implies are published on the print media cover page and they cast the overall theme of the publication. It’s an opportunity for B2B companies to be seen as a subject matter expert and be selected and evaluated by their prospects for possible supplier network inclusion.

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The first step towards marketing success for any B2B manufacturing and services companies lays on the depth in knowledge, innovation and process, so that they would be screened as possible suppliers. Cover story marketing in print media lets you reach-out to the most relevant prospects in MROs, procurement professionals, other high level decision makers in the segments of your choice.

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Avoid the noise in your print media marketing throughput. Grab the eyeballs, be discovered!

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