Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

A marketing methodology that focuses on a set of target prospects and converts them into customers.

In comparison to the traditional form of marketing Account-based marketing (ABMs) in the B2B setup is like designing specially targeted marketing campaigns for selected marketing accounts. This marketing methodology has gained popularity in the recent times and the Ochre Media team has had the privilege to offer custom ABM campaigns to a couple of fortune 500 companies.

The striking feature and benefit of ABM are that the campaigns are not only tailored for a particular account but the offers are crafted for a particular prospect too. It harbors a higher and more personalized level of dialogue with the prospects resulting in a well-defined outcome.

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Ochre Media with its group of websites has the most diverse and most granular level of subscribers in the buyer network. ABM campaigns designed with us are guaranteed to produce the results of your liking with sustainable growth prospects.

Up your game with ABM, market smarter (not harder), accelerate sales cycle & win over high value clients.

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