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Packaging & Labelling - Branding and Lead Generation


Client: Singapore based new entrant in the Pharma Packaging
Industry: Pharma Packaging
Solution: Website Design, Online Promotions, Branding & Lead Generation

Client Overview:

A Singapore based conglomerate wanted to foray into Pharma packaging and were looking for a complete digital marketing and promotions program right from brand identity, website development, promotions and business enquiries. Their target market was South Korea, China, Singapore and Indonesia.

Issue Statement:

Client wanted a fresh identity with resonates with the Pharma packaging and something that wouldn’t reflect their background into other businesses. They wanted to be perceived as a global solution provider like the other top suppliers and still maintain a level of distinction. The challenges that they had ahead of them was that the pharma packaging industry is highly mature and had great many players especially in the region of their interest. Team at Ochre Media was required to come up with a complete branding, website and promotions program to give their business a healthy jumpstart.

Our Solution:

We conducted a thorough market study of the competitors with their digital assets, styling, color codes, content scope, content depth and channels that they use to promote themselves in the B2B pharma packaging segment. Our initiation of the project was color codes, styling and the design of their logo. Subsequent to this we focused on the website design and conducted A/B tests at template design levels to decipher the best combination of web elements wrt CTAs and page views.

Once we arrived at the best template design our next focus area was in-depth technical savvy B2B pharma packaging content. We came up with an website idea, CMS and CRM module.

Our efforts in defining the branding and digital assets were further translated into the conversion rate of form fills to download the product brochures, specification PDFs. The website promotion was conducted through SEO, Display Advertising and Email Marketing. In total within the first 3 month of website launch the client started procuring business leads in double digits. The organic traffic also saw a upward trend of improvement with an average of 16% increase in unique visitors m-o-m.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. 16% increase in unique visitors.
  2. Business Enquiries average – 18%
  3. Display Advertising CTR – 22%
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