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Healthcare - B2B Branding, Traffic & MQLs


Client: Fortune 500 Healthcare Technology Company
Industry: B2B Healthcare Systems, Healthcare Infrastructure, Healthcare RPA.
Solution: Traffic growth across all channels with mature MQLs

Client Overview:

Our client is a major engineering technology company in the healthcare domain serving hospitals, healthcare professionals, and the facilities that house them. They provide custom software solutions to maximize productivity and profitability in the healthcare environment, so the internal teams have more time and resources to spend on quality care

Issue Statement:

Our client being a leader in IT systems and process automation segment for the healthcare industry – with the goal of improving their organic search, creating brand equity and acquire quality leads. Their presence was USA wide since inception but were looking to have diversified traffic from Europe as well. They not only wanted their product introduced to European markets but were also looking to acquire substantial lead base which they could work with drip marketing later.

Our Solution:

“Based on their preferences we designed the complete campaign around paid media coupled with A/B tested conversion optimized landing pages to acquire quality lead base.“

“In the paid media we rested our focus on PPC display and search networks, along with third party ad-server management. “

We started with designing the best combination of landing page assisted with PPC. The enormous data we collected through PPC gave us the insight to carry our A/B experiments and come up with the final cut of landing page which would work best across the European market. We promoted this landing page using social media, email marketing and PPC to increase the traffic and see the visitor’s behavior. The form fills after going through our initial screening were handed over to the client.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. A referral traffic rise by 53%

  2. MQLsfrom Europe that showed genuine interest showed a 26% rise MOM.

  3. Repeat visitors from Europe increased by 38%.

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