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Client: Fortune 500 Technology Company
Industry: Pharmaceutical.
Solution: Webinar series introducing the Clinical Trial Management System along with massive out-reach programs.

Client Overview:

Our client a wholly owned subsidiary of world’s second largest software company is a leading provider of software for e-businesses. Established in 1988, they offer 100% internet-ready platform, tools and applications along with related consulting, education and support services.

Issue Statement:

During the adversity of COVID-19 while some pharma companies were in stay-put mode of operations and waiting for clarity in the market, other companies were putting in extra efforts to be more relevant and strategically better placed than their competitors. New formulations, hypothesis, development, investigation and approvals were being carried out with lots of vigor. Our client being a global pioneer in data capture and persistence technologies had a mature data centric clinical trial solution which though being in market needed a fresh push and penetration. Our client was eyeing on the new breed of private of public funded laboratories, CROs that were carrying out pharma clinical trials. The real problem was to devise a method of out-reach to the most relevant contacts and make them actively involved during the nurturing process, which would cut-short the buying cycle. The client wanted to equip the industry contacts with in-depth market and competitive product know-how.

Additionally, they were very particular on the geographies that they wish to push the product first. They wanted a massive out-reach program targeting APAC countries.

Our Solution:

“For all the identified APAC countries we developed multi-language content and engagement points for every stage of the sales funnel, coupled it with sharp out-reach campaigns to the contacts researched by our team.“

Multi-language content and downloadable material was hosted for localized consumption. This came along with Geo-targeted banners which were strategically placed for maximum impact. The cherry at the top was design, promotion and hosting of a series of webinars which would educate and engage the audience from the APAC region. For this webinar series the idea was not only to engage the attendees with a webinar but to also have them attend in the series in continuum. The focus was on knowledge building.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. A considerable highly active/engaged list of contacts into the client’s sales funnel.

  2. A substantial list of contacts that showed genuine interest in the product but were not part of the concluded webinar series.

  3. A more than average informed prospects in the sales funnel due to various touch-points in the nurturing phase, ultimately resulting in shorter sales cycles.

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