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Client: Major Packaging Solutions Provider Focusing on Innovation
Industry: Food and Pharma Packaging.
Solution: Content Marketing for Technology Awareness

Client Overview:

An Italian clientfocused on introducing Nanocomposites into the food and pharma packaging arena to enhance durability during transportation and shelf-life.Nanocomposites being a new entrant into the packaging market needed acceptance with the wider audience and the client being a solution provider wanted a comprehensive technology awareness program designed. Their purpose was two pronged in that, they not only wanted technology awareness but were also looking for business enquiries from the European region.

Issue Statement:

Client wanted to showcase and promote their capability in implementing Nanocomposites across their packaging clientele in food and pharma sectors. But before getting the acceptance they wanted to systematically promote the idea and technology benefits that Nano composites brings to the table. Their clientele spread across the European region were not showing interest in this new idea and were skeptical to try.

The client wanted a strategic content marketing plan that not only introduces the market with the benefit but also generate business enquiries for them.

Our Solution:

We proposed fresh content ideas that would revolve around the new technology of Nanocomposites. Along with this we developed specific case studies that were industry segment based which would highlight benefits and other factors viz: Cost Savings. For introducing the technology across the target prospects, we designed and hosted product videos, specification documents and technical white papers. These were also promoted across our relevant op-in contacts through drip marketing.

Our endeavor to carry out comprehensive content marketing program for the client entailed promotions of a line of content assets viz - fresh web content, industry segment-based case studies, white papers, product videos and e-Book. We proposed a systematic promotional activity comprising of SEO, Display Advertising, Email Marketing and Social Media Promotions. Not only did we could achieve a growth in the organic traffic of the website, but we witnessed a spike in white paper and case study downloads. There was a positive stream of business enquiries specifically for Nanocomposites as well.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. 18% increase in business leads (the growth component solely on Nanocomposites
  2. Organic Traffic increase by 30%
  3. Product demo/sample requests spiked by 25%
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