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Healthcare - B2B Product Launch


Client: Fortune 500 Technology Company
Industry: B2B Healthcare Systems, Healthcare Partners.
Solution: Weighted Questionnaire and Geo-targeted display advertising.

Client Overview:

Our client is a leading content services provider that enables thousands of organizations to focus on what they do best and deliver better experiences to the people they serve. With offices in 30 locations and lifetime client base of 19,000, our client iswithin the top 1% in the IT product and solution provider’s segment.

Issue Statement:

Our client being a leader in IT systems and process automation segment for the healthcare industry – they were looking for an introducing new line of products to the APAC market. They wanted their product launch across a selected list of prospects from the APAC countries.The beta versions of their web-enabled product were already being tested and surveyed. They wanted to see a very finely targeted audience engaged in the initial launch. Their internal marketing team has developed a wide range of content in the applications and help guide formats. And they wanted us to carry out a successful product launch program for them using the feedback from bets testers and the content that has been developed so far.

Additionally, they wanted only a few selected APAC countries to be touched base for their product launch and have phase wise product launches for subsequent countries.

Our Solution:

“While designing product launch for them our strategy was to identify prospects that have minimum operational workflows, turnover, workforce and were serving a set of industries. We wanted to be sure that our client’s solution would enhance the operations if applied. Our research team developed a massive database of decision makers from the APAC countries to be targeted.“

We initiated the awareness buzz with email marketing across the collected database and also started with Geo-targeted display advertisement across our channel partners. With the initial response and performance reports of our campaigns we designed IT, Workflow automation related weighted questionnaire as a second step to monitor the acceptance of our client’s product idea. Based on the questionnaire performance our team was more than equipped to enter into the final phase of prospects screening. The final phase was opt-in telephonic consultation.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. A very active/engaged list of contacts into the client’s sales funnel.

  2. MQLs that showed genuine interest in the product but were not actively part of the questionnaire.

  3. Unlike other MQLs, the leads procured in this program were actually looking out for a solution and based on our sequential approach they were in the consideration stage in their buying cycle.

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