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Automation Manufacturing - Branding & Out-Reach Programs


Client: Manufacturer of industrial Authentication and Security Systems.
Industry: B2B Industrial RFID,Industrial Sensors, Automation
Solution: Branding and Out-reach Program

Client Overview:

A Germany based client manufacturing industrial security devices, sensors and wearables.Having strong foothold in the southern European market, the client was looking to expand their presence into the Scandinavian and East European regions. They particularly wanted multi-lingual websites and promotions in the local languages.

Issue Statement:

With 90% of their revenue base centered around Germany, UK, Italy and Spain, the client’s presence in the Scandinavian and eastern regions in the Europe lacked bandwidth and the know-how to target the most relevant contacts. They were looking for a strategic solution offering holistic approach to increase their brand presence in the north. They were looking for full-stack marketing partners who could provide solutions at the local level.

Their requirement was focused on increasing their brand awareness, have optimal engagements and attain maximum out-reach to their prospects.

Our Solution:

We designed their out-reach programs with the basic tenet of local language campaigns. For this reason, we marked the overall program into phases and identified the first level countries that we need to reach out to. We designed the campaigns and marketing pitches in Swedish, Finnish, Danish and polish language. The branding and out-reach programs comprised of display advertising, local language website and social media marketing.

We wanted to drive traffic to the website through display advertising and we achieved 18% CTR for our banners. The local language website was designed and developed by our in-house team and was successful in attaining a lead generation conversion rate of 43%. The opt-in emails were further used for drip marketing communication in the local language resulting in maximized engagements.

ROI Program

The series of steps that were followed –


  1. 18% CTR for our display advertising.
  2. Average 38% repeat visitors to the localized website.
  3. 43% MQLs conversion rate.
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