Buyers and Suppliers

Ochre Media is foremost in the B2B world as a Media Resource Centre that connects buyers and suppliers throughout the industrial matrix. As a leading B2B Media Resource Centre, Ochre Media plays the role of an online digital solutions specialist, fortifying your market presence in and around the web.

We hold our stance in eleven commercial sectors through our industry-specific portals endowed with an extensive database of purchasers and producers. Our ability to make business-to-business trading linear and simplified gives us an edge over other B2B digital marketing agencies today. Procurement of resources as well as showcasing of products and services has never been easier.

Automation Industry | Automotive Industry | Broadcast Industry | Defence Industry | Healthcare Industry | Packaging Industry | Pharmaceutical Industry | Plastics Industry | Pulp and Paper Industry | Sports Industry | Steel Industry

All of the above industries are check points on our vast business grid, which serves as the perfect platform for all your advertising as well as marketing requirements.

"Your brand heard and seen"

In order to get heard in today's cacophony of surplus resources, and to be seen as a singular and superlative force to reckon with, what's required is clarity. Ochre proffers that clarity by mitigating competition-clutter and facilitating the right content to its relevant seeker. All information prevalent on our platform is encapsulated and comprehensible.

Driven by innovative multi-channel digital distribution strategies and tools, Ochre integrates development pathways with new opportunities. The corollary - 100% client satisfaction!

Our Services

"We build your online presence"

Through a consortium of professionals working incessantly towards bringing you the latest news, technological advancements and global developments, we provide you a wholesome and well-researched information hub conducive to your commercial growth. We scrutinize every business vertical extensively to elicit the best commercial opportunities for our clients, saving them the hunt!

We also let you relish a one-click access to the latest industry news/press releases, trade shows & event listings, detailed white papers, business articles on industrial issues, industrial investments and manufacturing projects, financial reports, and interviews with industry experts.

Global Magazines

Online digital services are not our only forte! We have carved a niche for ourselves in the Print community of trade publications with two leading B2B editorial titles:

Asian Hospital Healthcare & Management - A B2B Healthcare magazine designed and drafted with diligence.

Pharma Focus Asia - A B2B Pharmaceuticals publication that delves deep into the domain of drugs and drugs manufacturing.

Comprising of insightful content, these quarterly magazines proffer an ideal ground for both Healthcare and Pharmaceutical experts for either sharing their acumen or positioning themselves in the market through our Print advertising services.

Both these titles are circulated globally, reaching one and all in the healthcare and pharmaceutical communities, and facilitating perceptive analysis on a host of trending topics.